Five years ago I found myself in the position of selling the company that I had co-founded in 1978. As you all know, I sold Ultra Sound to Pro Media/Serb Systems. I was fortunate to be able to remain with Pro Media and focus my attention as a system engineer/consultant.

Now it's time for another milestone in a long career, as I have resigned my position with Ultra Sound/Pro Media, effective April 23, 2004.

With a great deal of thought and some intestinal fortitude, I am extremely pleased to announce that I will be working as an independent consultant, serving the audio community. (My plan is to fully retire at age 67, if my wife of 38 years, Fran, can continue to tolerate me.)

I believe that becoming independent will remove any barriers that might have otherwise been perceived as conflicts or alliances with manufacturers, consultants, sound companies and other industry related affiliations.

It has been a wonderful "ride" all these years. For a better perspective, here's a little history:

As founder and President of Ultra Sound, Inc., I have been associated with live entertainment for over 30 years. For seventeen of those years I was on tour with Grateful Dead Productions designing, engineering, operating, and providing the sound system that was recognized as the unparalleled live experience. With over 2000 shows ranging from the largest festivals to the smallest intimate settings, I am familiar with all aspects of providing unparalleled sound system engineering, concert/event planning and implementation. Prior to Grateful Dead, I worked for Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship to name but a few. More recently I have been touring with Andrea Bocelli, accepting the challenge to provide a positive audio experience with a large symphony orchestra and tenor/soprano vocalists in a hockey rink/basketball gymnasium environment.

I hope that now as an independent, I might have the good fortune of consulting with people whom I would otherwise not have been able to, and to pass on the knowledge and experiences I have learned.

Some of my disciplines are listed below:

Sound system engineering, evaluation, documentation, design, operation, and commissioning.
Room Optimization
Smaart (dual Channel FFT) training.
DSP Programming and training.
Training in most any audio related subject.
Product design, evaluation and testing.
Crossover design and implementation for current and future products.
Training crews at installations, company offices, facilities, on tour, or at production rehearsals.
(Making the difference between good shows and GREAT shows)
Measurements and documentation of almost any nature.
General consulting.

When appropriate, I have a strong alliance, and am able to team-up with SIA Acoustics to expand the scope and capabilities of services I am able to offer.

For further info contact:
Don Pearson: mailto:don@drdon.com
P.O. Box 31
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone: (415) 456-9938
FAX: (415) 456-0494
Mobile (415) 264-7600