(in alphabetical order)
“Forget all of your assumptions – System alignment starts before you ever bring up a fader. Don covers what everyone else skips.”

Jamie Anderson – SIA Software
"Don Pearson is the first and last stop anytime I need answers to any technical issue."
"Don's unique ability to easily and understandably convey his practical and theoretical knowledge is unparalleled. He is a wealth of information and experience which he combines in a teaching style that is informative, motivating but never intimidating."
"After taking SMAART training with Don Pearson, you will never look at or listen to a sound system the same way."
"Don Pearson's holistic approach to system design and integration is the result of his many years of experience and insight. He is one of the undisputed visionaries of the professional audio community whose ideas and theories of yesterday are the mantras and blueprints of today."

Tom Bensen- Group One
“There is simply no-one better at making a sound system sound great”
“I have been lucky to have had several great people help me advance my career, and the most important of these was Don Pearson. Don knows more about Sound Systems, and is able and willing to share that info. He is a GREAT Sound System Engineer and even more importantly, a great person/Pearson who is an effective teacher”.
“When I have questions about Sound Systems, I call Dr Don. Which means I call him a lot”!

“I was inspired to work in Audio, in large part because of the systems that Don Pearson put together. I am successful in the audio industry in large part because I try and work at a level that lives up to the standards that Don set”.

“ There is simply no-one who knows more about working with sound systems in the real world – Don greatest skill is to make the difficult, practical for use in the real world.”

“Smaart was built, in large part, as the tool that Don envisioned”

“Man is he UGLY”

“If I was stuck on a desert Island with only a Sound System, I would rather have a boat and food than Don”.

“Learning from Don Pearson is like winning the Audio Knowledge lottery”!

“I heard that once, before an arena gig, a hurricane caused the building’s roof to collapse. All power was out, and rain was everywhere. Don was not able to make the system work… and he was pissed about it!”

Sam Berkow - SIA Acoustics
"Don certainly is a remarkable icon of the industry. In many years of cutting-edge touring work, he has become a leader in technological developments. The sound system he assembled and operated for the Grateful Dead was long recognized as a world standard it was Don's use of the system elements that made it so remarkable."

Kenton Forsythe - EAW

"A side story about Don that has never been mentioned before; on an early trip to California, in the Forsythe Audio days, I was urged to find this guy in San Rafael who was passionate about sound systems, particularly linear phase designs. Name was Don Pearson. I have always regretted not taking the time to find Don back then, more than 25 years ago now (probably late summer 1977)"
"When I think about how much Don has contributed to my life, and my console designs, I can't say Thank You enough."

Jim Gamble
"Don Pearson’s attention to detail and uncompromising persistence in striving for audio perfection has served some of the most demanding clients in the entertainment and performance audio industries. His technical knowledge and problem-solving approach is complemented by a desire to share both his knowledge and his passion for perfection with others, and his teaching attitude ensures that both the technical methods and overall perspective are communicated with appropriate emphasis to the student."

Mark Gander - JBL Professional
"I feel fortunate to have learned most of what I know from Don. He has been incredibly helpful with my endeavor to learn as much as possible about sound reinforcement, analyzation, and optimization. I enjoy every minute being around him because he keeps me thinking about new techniques and technologies, and motivates me to go the extra mile towards perfection. I just wish I could spend more time with him..."

Tom Lyon, FOH System tech for Dave Matthews Band
Dr. Don is a true ICON in the sound reinforcement business. He was doing audio for bands and festivals before there were stacks and racks; or..digital signal processing… oh yeah, before analysers….

He was instrumental in shaping concert sound as we know it today!! He has raised the bar in how we do business!!

David Hatmaker - Technical Director - Disney Entertainment Production
"I was lucky enough to meet Don early in my career as a mixer. Don was still working with the Grateful Dead when the Dave Matthews band was opening for them, and was very open to sharing his knowledge of sound reinforcement. He makes you think about how things work the best together. His enthusiasm for learning about new technologies and drive for perfection is motivational, and I wouldn't have gotten to the place I am now had I not had that interaction."

Jeff Thomas - Dave Matthews Band
"We've worked with Don on several projects, including Pacific Bell (now SBC) Park, Save Mart Center and American Airlines Center. Don's one of best in the business, and easy to work with. I'd recommend anyone (including our own people) taking the opportunity to learn from him."

Jack Wrightson – WJHW Consulting